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Philip Purser BSc., HPD, DSFH, AfSFH, CNHC Reg.
Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bristol

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Clifton and Westbury-on-Trym

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Reviews of Clifton Down Hypnotherapy

Below are some testimonials from clients I’ve worked with at Clifton Down Hypnotherapy who would like to share their experiences of how we’ve made positive changes to their lives with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. As you can see, it can be a very rewarding experience, and I hope reading their comments is encouraging to you if you considering hypnotherapy. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

I have just returned from the GP surgery and I'm ecstatic...thanks to 4 sessions with Philip for the 1st time in my life I was able to face a needle without having major anxiety and fainting! I'm 82 years old and I have suffered with a major needle phobia all of my life. I was sceptical but decided to give it a go...I am absolutely amazed at the results he's achieved!! If I think of all the years I've had to live with unimaginable angst and terror every time I had to have bloods taken/have an injection I can honestly say Philip is a miracle worker and I cannot thank him enough!!! I can wholeheartedly recommend Philip - he is a gifted therapist!!
~ Heather Thorne
I have been seeing Philip for four months now and cannot rate him enough. Life transforming is how I would sum up Philip's hypnosis. After several years of personal bereavements and changes in my life I was becoming increasingly anxious and started suffering from a range of debilitating phobias including fear of flying and claustrophobia. I began to fear leaving the house and was becoming increasingly Agoraphobic. I had never considered Hypnotherapy before but after meeting Philip I was won over by his affable personality, calm demeanour, friendly manner and total professionalism. He worked his magic by making me think in a calm, more positive way and my outlook on life has completely changed thanks to my sessions with Philip. I now enjoy socialising again and travelling/flying no longer induces anxiety. A massive thank you Philip - you have given me my life back.
~ S Bagannini
I am a working mother with a husband and two children, one a teenage girl and the other a boy of seven. My son is very strong character, very independent and very demanding. I feel he needs a lot of supervision and I found this very overwhelming.

I had taken to worrying about dealing with him all the time and found that I had difficulty relaxing. This led me to not sleeping well and being very stressed. As a result for a whole year I have not been able to sleep for more than two hours a night. This seems to have had an adverse effect on my looks and possibly my health.

The treatment with Philip enabled me to get back to sleeping at least 8 hours a night and made me far more relaxed with my son. His sensing that he could no longer wind me up to such a degree in turn has made him behave better. All in the entire situation has improved and I am very relieved. Family dynamics are more normal now.
~ Valerie Richards
Philip has given me the greatest gift the art of relaxation and the knowledge of logical thinking and enabling me to live life without angst. Trust me I am a tough nut to crack so I highly recommend him
~ Sarah Bage
I was recommended to see Mr Purser in relation to anxiety, which manifested itself as a sleeping disorder which occurred after a palsy which affected part of my face. This lowered my self-confidence and affected my work and social life.

I have now been having treatment with Mr Purser for two months. Although at the beginning I was significantly sceptical. I have subsequently found that my palsy has relaxed, my sleeping pattern has improved and my confidence has improved 6 fold.
~ Mr Churchill
Philip Purser started to work with me at the end of 2016,until April 2017. I had been suffering from acute anxiety and stress for a long time I had tried to cure myself, wanting to avoid addictive medication, but was eventually prescribed benzodiazepines by my Doctor. The anxiety was severe as it started a few minutes after I awoke in the morning.

From the first session I always felt very comfortable and relaxed. I did not fall asleep, and was fully aware of everything around me. I always felt a great sense of peace afterwards.

Although I could not reduce my medication for quite some time, I found my sleep becoming better, and although I still suffered some bad days my general outlook began to appear much brighter. I knew it was a good day when I did not think of taking medication early in the morning, as previously I had woken with such panic, it was the first thing I had to do.

After my sessions with Philip, I can honestly say that my outlook is much brighter, I look healthier, and feel that there is a good future ahead. My medication has been cut by two thirds and I have learnt to deal with any anxiety with a much more positive attitude.

Moreover, a few months after our sessions had come to an end, I found myself in an extremely stressful situation and basically walked through it without too much anxiety and worry.

Thank you Philip for your care, patience, kindness and understanding. You will be well recommended by me.
~ K Cazalet

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