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Happy Next Christmas

Christmas is an interesting time of the year. In an ideal world it’s the season to spend with friends and family and have a relaxing and rewarding time. If you believe the old American films, this is the way it should be and for some of us this is the case. Even during a supposedly ideal Christmas there can be anxiety involved in the preparation, organization and cooking.   

A wife or husband or partner who can ordinarily cook for a small family without stress can suffer a lack of confidence ,anxiety and stress when confronted with cooking for a large number of people.

 I also find it’s a time when we reflect on past Christmases and on the year gone by and see how our life has moved on. For some it’s a fractious time because not all families are harmonious but there is often the expectation to get together with them.

For some it’s a lonely time if you don’t have any family to celebrate with. It can also be lonely if due to low mood, stress or anxiety you find friendships and gatherings difficult.

The above states of mind  may limit or even stop you joining in with the festivities. A general lack of confidence over the past year might make you  feel isolated. If you have any of these limiting conditions now it would be good to address them so that next Christmas will be better.  Hypnotherapy can help with these problems to create a better and more satisfying life.

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, I wish you a happy and fulfilling Christmas.


Physical Problems

I was talking to someone the other day who had a daughter with a long term condition with her ankle which could be painful and troubled her. He complained to me that when his daughter was with her friends enjoying herself she hardly mentioned her ankle but when it was time to do her homework she complained of it all the time. He was critical of her and thought her lazy and indolent. I was not so sure. I know that teenagers often try to avoid homework but I didn’t think that this was so simple.

 As a hypnotherapist I know that physical conditions are often made worse by underlying stress or anxiety, which can in turn be exacerbated by the condition itself. In her case the stress of settling down to homework caused a stress that made her notice her ankle. Of course as a parent I would say that if you do your homework the stress will go away. It does remain a fact that if you have a physical condition it can be exacerbated by stress. 

If you suffer from any physical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne or migraines you may have noticed that they are often related to periods of stress in your life. Hypnotherapy has been shown to help relieve these conditions. Controlling unnecessary stress is the job of the hypnotherapist and in so doing manages the physical condition.