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Philip Purser BSc., HPD, DSFH, AfSFH, CNHC Reg.
Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bristol

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Stress and the work place

Having a business background I often get teased about hypnotherapy from former colleagues and current friends. You would expect it from essentially successful people who are predominantly positive thinking.

I take it with good spirits but when I question them about their lives they tell me that they often wake up at night find it difficult to go back to sleep. They also find it difficult to relax and calm down.

Sleep is important and learning to handle stress helps you cope with a busy life. Understanding the brain in these situations together with changing your pattern of thought through hypnotherapy can relieve the stress and eliminate the LONG TERM effects which can occur if stress is poorly handled.    #hypnotherapystress



Two Types of Problems


I find that stress related problems can often be considered as falling into two broad categories.

The first is a problem that has been created by one or more bad experiences but in many ways is in the past. This often colours someone’s future thinking .This person who has had the bad experiences can learn to think of the future in a different way.

The second is when someone has an on-going problem that can recur every day and is detrimental to their life. The challenge then is to deal with the problem or problems every day in a constructive way so as to live a rewarding life.

 Hypnotherapy helps you to deal with both  these problems   #Hypnotherapystress