Philip Purser Hypnotherapist

Philip Purser BSc., HPD, DSFH, AfSFH, CNHC Reg.
Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bristol

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Clifton and Westbury-on-Trym

T: 07920 520 688


Lots of people get on with their life with confidence, do their jobs, socialise make friends without hesitation .I know quite a few.  Others although equally talented, possibly more aware, suffer from insecurities and self-doubts.

It’s good to asses yourself and your actions as a balanced individual but sometimes these considerations become too prominent. This can lead to a downward spiral of depression and anxiety limiting your life making the simplest decisions and tasks difficult to achieve. It’s a question of balance Hypnotherapy helps you to normalise your life and rid you of these self-doubts. #Hypnotherapyanxiety


Public Speaking

Imagine at work or privately you have to give a presentation or talk to an audience.

You’re intelligent you know your subject and you have prepared it well.

The problem is that talking in front of people you get very nervous. You wake up in the morning of the set day with a sense of foreboding which increases as the time of the talk approaches.

Just before and as you start the talk you are feeling very stressed and cannot think properly.

You start badly, it gets a bit better through the talk but you feel that you are not giving your best.

Afterwards you feel dissatisfied and feel you could have put your points over much more clearly but at least it is over until the next time.

This situation is common and can be helped with hypnotherapy.