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Entrenched Habits


Entrenched Habits

I have mentioned before about changing your eating, drinking, smoking and exercising habits to order to manage diabetes.

Following on from that I want to share this with you. I met someone yesterday (he will remain nameless) who had been diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago.  He had been quite heavy for his height and not managed his diabetes well .The results were kidney failure. He is now on dialysis. He had a heart condition and trouble with his legs. He could hardly walk. He indicated that most of his poor health was due to diabetes coupled with being overweight and in the early days not taking his diabetes seriously. I had some sympathy for him. He was a friendly warm person, very likeable.

Anyway I talked to him for a while and gave him a lift home .When we got to his home he offered me a cup of coffee. “How would you like it?” he asked. “I take it black. I don’t take sugar because I was recently diagnosed with diabetes” I answered. He then said ” I take sugar. I HAVE TO, I HAVE A SWEET TOOTH”.

To say I was astounded is an understatement. The modern charmless term is for this is gob smacked.

He goes through dialysis three times a week with all those needles, has heart problems with stents etc and could hardly walk. All this suffering, still cheerful and loving life but couldn’t give up sugar in his coffee to help preserve his life

His habits are entrenched to the detriment of his health. Of course by now you know I am a hypnotherapist and painlessly I can help you give up those entrenched habits to lead a healthier life.


Negative Thinking

A man stands at a bus stop his bus is late. “I will be late for work and will lose my job .I won’t be able to pay the mortgage my wife will leave me and we will get a divorce. My children won’t speak to me I will end up in a bedsit .My whole life will fall apart” This is a classic result of negative thinking .A lot of people suffer from it. It is an overreaction to an ordinary situation and causes a lot of distress. People with low mood and depression often think this way. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome this habitual way of thinking about ordinary situations