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Philip Purser BSc., HPD, DSFH, AfSFH, CNHC Reg.
Clinical Hypnotherapist in Bristol

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Clifton and Westbury-on-Trym

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As you get older mental conditions can get worse

If you have a physical problem, for example you have a painful leg which was caused by a motor accident then this condition becomes part of your physical make up.

Unfortunately the condition stays with you and is exacerbated by old age as other aches and pains develop.

It’s the same with a mental condition like low mood, bad habits phobias; the list is endless.I these are not addressed through your life then they become worse as you get older. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can access the subconscious to address these problems Philip Purser   #solutionfocusedhypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps us overcome our problems so we can enjoy the wonders of what is around us

Interview b BCfm

I had the honour to be interviewed on BCfm 93.2 radio  Latin window by Rosebel Portela Barrios (what a wonderful name) the other day.  That’s Bristol Community Radio If you look at this link Recording you can see it and play it.

You may want to listen to it it’s only a few minutes and I am talking about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy . I am not used to be being interviewed on the radio so I was caught unawares. It wasn’t rehearsed. I didn’t know what the question would be so it came over in a natural way. Beside the content which I hope will be informative I would like you to be aware of my tone and confidence as the interview proceeds At first I am a bit awkward  but as the interview continues I am more able to think about what I am saying to put my point over so it flows much better. As a hypnotherapist I explain that for the first part of the interview I was more in the primitive part of my brain, panicking not really expecting to be interviewed and for the second part, my intellectual brain took over so my confidence increased.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you use your intellectual part of your brain be it for public speaking, dealing with phobias, dealing with anxiety, curbing  anger, lifting yourself out of a self-destructive low mood etc.