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Stopping Smoking

My friend Colin (I am using a fictitious name)

He was brought up with 3 brothers they were a hard working family and I don’t think there was much money around. He was a bright boy and got into the Grammar School.

I believe parental supervision was a bit sparse probably because his parents were working so hard to making ends meet. So Colin became a smoker at a very young age probably about 12

I met him when he was 21. He smoked heavily and was never hardly seen without a rolled cigarette in his hand.

This was about 1969. Over the years as a friend I asked him why he always smoked and why he didn’t give it up. His answer was always gruff. “Mind your own business!” etc.  

We continued our friendship and at different times I asked him the same question the eventual answer was” This is what I do I smoke and drink.” He wasn’t an alcoholic but he could down a few pints. Moving on to around 2007 Colin had a chest infection which didn’t clear up. He went to the Doctor who was concerned and sent him for tests. The tests showed that he had only 25 % lung capacity and even if he gave up smoking it wouldn’t get any better. If he didn’t give up smoking it would get worse, he wouldn’t be able to breath and it would kill him.

He gave up. I asked him was it difficult?  He said “No I just stopped. To this day he has trouble breathing cannot walk very far has to stop to gain his breath. If he gets agitated it affects his breathing. It seems to me that Colin was originally given a good body if he wasn’t he should be dead by now. He was also given a good mind because when he was confronted with the facts which he couldn’t put aside he stopped, when the motivation was there he could stop. The problem with smoking with most of us is the really bad effects are in the future and we put them aside because we can kid ourselves that they are not immediate so we can find it difficult

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of giving up smoking to do with attitude of mind. This attitude together with facing the facts can be changed with hypnotherapy.

Forgetting health for a moment. A packet of cigarettes costs at least £8 for 20. At 20 a day that’s 8 x365 per year that’s £2920.

That can translate into a nice holiday for two, a Trip to Disney in Paris for the family of four

A 14 day Cruise for two not just this year but every year and if you stay healthy as you are more likely to you could probably visit a large proportion of the world. Failing that you could pay your council tax every year with the moneymjn

This is my friend Joanna. She had no fear on the ski slopes

The Winter Olympics

I have just been watching the winter Olympics  I am astonished how they perform with bravery such incredible feats.

They can’t afford to be scared, negative emotional or anxious.

They have to put aside all their doubts and focus on the task at hand like a laser beam.

It’s similar with other athletes.

Look at Andy Murray. You may like him you may not.

He was good the best we have but not as good as the other three Federer, Nadal and Djokovic .

There must have been incredible pressure on him to win Wimbledon.

 For years he fought with his emotions which got in the way of doing his best and achieving this.

Then came along Ivan Lendl his coach and under his guidance he won Wimbledon twice

I don’t know how the humourless Lendl got him to do this but he obviously got him to focus and get him to channel his negative energies into positive ones that enabled him to win.

I am not Lendl and I don’t have inside information on how he did it

What I can say is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can get you to focus on the job at hand whether it is sport your job, public speaking or anything you want to achieve.

It gets rid of the harmful negative thoughts that stop you performing at your best and allowing to achieve your goals