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The Vulnerability of Humanity

One of the things so obviously highlighted by this virus is the vulnerability of human life on this planet   This is a virus that kills about 0.3 % of the people it contaminates, depending on whose figures you take and yet it is capable of bringing the world to a halt.

The Bubonic plague apparently  had a mortality rate of 10% of the people who got it assuming that they had treatment. For people who were not treated the mortality rate was estimated to be 30-90%.

How would something like that affect us?

Or perhaps a fairly large asteroid hitting the earth?  Smaller ones do hit us. This is not science fiction.  

Humanity is vulnerable to global warming and over population

It’s about time we stopped squabbling  and spent more time and money looking after the planet, our home. If we don’t who else will?

We have a collective responsibility


Relaxing while at home

Yes there are awful dangers with this virus a lot of people have lost loved ones and others suffer frightening financial situations. My sympathy goes out to them. For a large majority we are in some sort of isolation perhaps at home alone feeling lonely but not necessarily neglected. Possibly as a family facing the tensions of bored children or teenagers and frustration and probably fear.

As you know I am a hypnotherapist and I have considered putting my relaxation tape on my Facebook and my website but I am very reluctant to do this as I would normally only do this after a consultation to see if it is appropriate.

Nevertheless there are plenty of relaxation tapes on the internet. I suggest you listen to one of them to help you to wind down possibly as a family. I can’t stress enough how much this can help. It’s a very good exercise making you relaxed for 20 minutes or so and after feeling refreshed and putting the everyday stresses in perspective.

And when doing this I would be nice to think of the medical staff in the NHS and donate £1 to  JUSTGIVING