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Hypnotherapy and Sport

I mentioned before that you can use hypnotherapy in sport to cope with fears associated with dangerous sports or deal with the doubts in yourself when playing less perilous sports. Hypnotherapy can also be used to perfect your moves in a particular sport by practicing those moves under hypnotherapy. An example can be practicing a service when serving in tennis or practicing a boxing sequence of punches.

This has been done very effectively in boxing but it can be achieved in most sports. The hypnotherapist does not need to be familiar with the sport as the client can offer this in the hypnotherapy process. This has been achieved very effectively by prominent boxers in the past.  #hypnotherapysport   

No fear here

Hypnotherapy and Sport

I remember being young.

In those days we did P.E., physical education.

During the lessons we were told to vault over a box. Some of the children just went and did it with no fear. Me, like others had a lot of imagination and held back wondering what would happen if we didn’t get over the box. Possibly we would fall on the mat breaking a limb or worse.

Some people who are good sports people just get on with it.

There are others who are trying to perfect their sport but can still suffer from doubts. It doesn’t have to be fear of danger it can be some other doubt as in the problems that haunted Andy Murray in his early career.

He then overcame his demons and went on to win Wimbledon twice. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome these self-doubts. It can also help you perfect your sport by going over the necessary moves under hypnotherapy Philip Purser Clifton Down Hypnotherapy  #hypnotherapysport