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Public Speaking

Imagine at work or privately you have to give a presentation or talk to an audience.

You’re intelligent you know your subject and you have prepared it well.

The problem is that talking in front of people you get very nervous. You wake up in the morning of the set day with a sense of foreboding which increases as the time of the talk approaches.

Just before and as you start the talk you are feeling very stressed and cannot think properly.

You start badly, it gets a bit better through the talk but you feel that you are not giving your best.

Afterwards you feel dissatisfied and feel you could have put your points over much more clearly but at least it is over until the next time.

This situation is common and can be helped with hypnotherapy.


Make Changes to Control Diabetes

Please indulge me and imagine this:

You live in cottage in a field, a field surrounded by tall reeds. There is one path through the reeds which has been made after constant use.  The reeds are battered down to form the path.

It’s the path to a shop which sells fatty and sugary foods and no fruit and vegetables also cigarettes and cheap alcohol. After a long while of  using this path and consuming the food and alcohol and smoking the cigarettes you start to feel unwell, sluggish and generally out of sorts.

At the shop one day someone tells you of another shop in the other direction which sells lots of vegetable, lean meat, healthy snacks and all things which are good for you. The problem is to get to the new shop from your home you have to cut a path through the reeds in the other direction. This requires work and effort.

It is easier to use the old path to the fatty food shop.

One day you are so fed up with feeling out of sorts you decide to use the new shop. You get up early and cut a rough path to the shop selling healthy food. This is very tiring and you get exhausted but keep working at it through the week until you have a rough path to the new shop.

You buy from the shop and gradually you start to feel a bit better but the path to the first shop is still there tempting you. As time goes by and you use the healthy shop then its path becomes well-trodden in and becomes the natural way to go. The old path if it is not used becomes overgrown as if it never existed. You have with effort changed your shopping and eating habits and very likely extended your healthy life span.

Now it’s very easy for me to say bash down a few reeds create new paths and you will change your habits and start feeling better and if you have type 2 diabetes you will manage it better.

What I can offer is you is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which can get you in a new direction in a painless, long lasting way.